What constitutes personal injury in Washington state?

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Personal injury is a term that refers to any injury that happened due to an accident. The type of injury could be physical, emotional or mental. Personal injuries have a legal claim, meaning the person harmed can sue for medical expenses, loss of money, pain and suffering and more.

Many situations fall under the category of personal injury under Washington state law. Each is different and requires a different legal approach and strategy when handling the matter. Yet, it is critically important to understand what constitutes a personal injury before you file a lawsuit so you receive the compensation you deserve if you were injured.

Fault due to negligence

Negligence is a type of personal injury that happens when a person fails to act or does something improper that leads to another person’s harm, injury or death.

Contributory fault

In some cases, the person who suffered the injury played a role in causing it. We call these cases contributory fault cases because they refer to a situation where both parties contributed in some way to the injury, harm or death.

It is essential to note that the harmed individual can still have a claim, even if they contributed somehow to the damage they suffered. Their part in the accident does not bar recovery or the right for the individual to sue just because they contributed to the accident.

Personal injuries are unfortunately prevalent, and it is vital to be careful while at the same time understand that the actions of others can hurt us and state law allows for you to seek justice in those instances.