A Firm Protecting Your Rights In The Workplace

For most Americans, work is about more than just a paycheck. It is a sense of purpose and identity. And, it is where we spend most of our waking hours each week. For these reasons and more, it is critical that workers feel safe in their environment and confident that they are being treated fairly.

If you’ve been the victim of unfair or illegal workplace practices, you can’t always rely on human resources or a manager to fix the problem. That’s when it’s time to contact a skilled employment law attorney like Brett Kobes at Kobes Legal PLLC. Our firm is ready to help you assert your workplace rights and seek compensation for the harm you have suffered.

Representing Employee Plaintiffs In Employment Law Litigation

No matter what type of dispute you have with your employer or former employer, chances are good that we can help. Our employment law attorney is ready to represent you in any of the following matters:

  • Sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Wage-and-hour law violations (problems with pay, overtime, etc.)
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Problems with FMLA leave or Washington’s Family and Medical Leave Program
  • Whistleblower protections
  • Violation of noncompete and nondisclosure agreements
  • Severance agreements

An Advocate You Can Trust

It can take time to build a case against your employer and that sometimes means going back to work before officially filing suit. When you hire Kobes Legal PLLC, you can rest assured that we maintain strict confidentiality and discretion with clients and we will do our best to protect you during this vulnerable time. You’ll also work directly with attorney Brett Kobes, who is detail-oriented, straightforward and always willing to put in extra time and effort on your legal matter.

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