Pro Bono Work

Brett strongly believes in helping others and giving as much as he is able. During law school, future lawyers are asked to contribute 100 pro bono hours before graduation. Approximately one-third commit to this pro bono goal. Brett committed to this goal in his first year of law school and set a personal goal to triple that commitment. Upon graduation, Brett fell short of his goal of 300 pro bono hours but completed over 250 hours while finishing the four-year joint JD/MBA in three years. Brett believes he has been given an extraordinary opportunity and now it is his duty to help others in the same fashion.

Washington State Bar Association | Pro Bono Publico | Service Commendation | This Certifies That, During The Calendar Year 2019, | Brett Kobes | Issued This Day of December 22, 2020

Brett served a majority of his pro bono hours with the Neighborhood Legal Clinics and the King County Bar Association Family Law Mentor Program. His focus was primarily on assisting victims of domestic violence in difficult family dissolutions. He continues to do pro bono work with the organizations listed below.

Provail Life Opportunities For People With Disabilities

Brett is passionate about his position on the board of directors for Provail. Provail is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3). The organization’s goal is to help people with disabilities to live, work, travel and communicate as the full members of society that they are. Provail wants to give clients the freedom to direct their own life choices by maximizing inclusion, accessibility and opportunity.

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Village Theatre

Since 1979, the Village Theatre has been continuously offering top-quality musical theatre productions in Issaquah and Everett, Washington. The organization has earned a reputation as a leader in professional theatre in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission is to serve both the public and performers. With over 20,000 annual subscribers, the public is enriched by having access to great stage shows, including newly commissioned musicals. Performers, especially young people, learn valuable theatre skills in a hands-on environment that builds career opportunities and allows for the promotion of positive values through art.

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