Client Testimonials

“Brett is my immediate go-to for legal counsel for my small business. He has been instrumental as I work to understand contracts, issues of intellectual property and general legal advice. Brett’s expertise and client approach are incredible – seeking to not only help his clients but give them a legal education they can use for the future. I cannot recommend Kobes Legal PLLC enough – they are an outstanding firm!”

Jon Norquist, Founder of Coffee On Canvas

“When I was 8 months; pregnant, I asked Brett for legal help. I justifiably terminated my lease early. The landlord retained my deposit of $900 and charged me another $750 for cleaning, which I discovered via a collections agency. As a kind gesture, Brett represented me at no cost, recovered the $900 deposit and had the landlord rescind the $750 charge wrongfully sent to collections.”

Alex Windsor, Client

“Brett has helped me on two cases, and I have referred two family members of mine. I am so impressed with Kobes Legal PLLC. He answers his phone and is always happy to help. Thank you Brett for going above and beyond.”

Teresa Michelle, Client

“Brett brings an extraordinary and impressively refreshing element of customer service to the legal industry almost all other lawyers neglect.”

Amir Yazdan, MD, Modena Hair Institute

“I came to Brett Kobes for legal help, after trying to settle a car accident on my own for over a year. He was prompt in meeting with me and was always available when I needed help. With Brett’s knowledge and hard work, he was able to successfully secure a default judgment and settlement for over 7.5 times larger than what I requested for settlement from the insurance company before hiring Brett. I would recommend Brett to anyone seeking a skilled, qualified, knowledgeable attorney who is great at what he does.”

KerriAnne Dizon-Pollock, Client

“Brett has been an invaluable resource to me both with his legal service and also with his insightful business acumen. I’m impressed with his passion for the law and for his clients – and would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.”

Bob Guiney

Kobes Legal PLLC was able to help me terminate my lease early with my rental agent without any hassle. My rental agent was trying to retain my cleaning deposit and half of my initial deposit. I called Brett Kobes, and he answered all my questions explaining in great detail. Brett encouraged me to call any time and gave me his cellphone number. In the end, I retained all of my deposits and was able to terminate my lease without penalty.”

Clayton Barone, U.S. Army Soldier

Reference: Kim Todaro, King County Bar Association Family Law Mentor Managing Attorney