Information Security

Navigating Information Security In Today’s Complex World

In today’s technologically advanced world, more and more businesses and service providers find themselves confronting information security issues. Factors like cloud-based storage services and working remotely have made data security even more priority for anyone who collects, stores and safeguards sensitive information.

Data leaks and breaches pose a significant liability risk. Yet, keeping up with the continually evolving and complex web of regulations and technological best practices can pose a challenge – especially to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

At Kobes Legal PLLC, we can help. With offices in Seattle and North Bend, our lawyer provides valuable legal consultation services and strong representation in information security matters for clients throughout Washington.

What Is Information Security?

Information security is an umbrella term referring to the systems, safeguards and practices used to protect sensitive data from leaks or inadvertent disclosures. It’s something many businesses and organizations, large and small, must contend within the modern world.

Information security isn’t just about protecting clients and customers. It’s also about safeguarding employee data as well as your business reputation and liability exposure. Put simply, good information security is good for business.

Who Needs To Keep Information Secure?

Any business, organization or service provider may have a legal duty to safeguard sensitive personal information. Examples include:

  • Medical providers and health care organizations
  • Attorneys and other licensed professionals
  • Schools and education organizations
  • Businesses across all industries

If you’re not sure whether your business or organization is subject to information security regulations, your first step should be to consult with our attorney.

Is Your Company’s Private Data Secure?

Many companies and organizations take rudimentary steps to secure their data – but that may not be enough. Countless factors could pose risks to your data security, including:

  • Inadequate or outdated technologies
  • Lack of proper employee training
  • Failure to use a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Incompetent IT services
  • Use of unsecured email and software platforms
  • Malware and ransomware
  • Phishing attacks
  • Weak password requirements
  • Social engineering attacks

Because breaches, leaks and cyberattacks can take so many forms, it’s critical to speak with a knowledgeable attorney to discuss the specific risks your organization is facing – including weaknesses you might not be aware of.

How An Attorney Can Offer Heightened Protection

At Kobes Legal PLLC, we can take a thorough review of your data practices to pinpoint risks and recommend strategies for tightening up your information security. Our founding attorney, Brett Kobes, holds the ISO 27001 certification – an international standard for businesses that undertakes a thoroughgoing commitment to cybersecurity. We also help other businesses and organizations secure that certification as a badge of trust and compliance.

Let Us Help You Make Information Security A Priority

We’re committed to helping clients take the necessary steps to ensure compliance and mitigate risk with regard to all aspects of data security. To learn more about how we can help your business or organization, please call our office at 206-962-4498 or request a consultation through our online contact form.