Why young children’s crash injuries may cost more to treat

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Anyone who rides in a motor vehicle could get hurt in a crash. Even the safest driver operating the vehicle with the best crash safety rating could end up involved in a crash caused by someone else that injures them or another occupant of the vehicle.

Some people are at greater risk of injuries because of their unique personal characteristics. Children are among those at higher risk in vehicles. The safety systems in vehicles largely focus on the needs of adult men, so children do not derive proper protection from built-in vehicle systems in many cases. Children also often refuse to remain safely seated and could be in a less protected position when a collision occurs. As if that somewhat elevated risk weren’t enough of a concern, the injuries that children suffer in collisions can easily cost more than the injuries that adults develop.

Growing bodies need different care

The simplest explanation for why injuries to children can cost far more is that children require specialized medical evaluation and treatment. Their growing bodies pose different risks in cases that could otherwise be straightforward and easy to treat.

A broken leg is a perfect example. An adult with a fractured femur knows that a doctor can set the bone and they should regain full function in most cases if they follow medical orders and complete rehabilitative services. Children with the same injury could have damage to the growth plate. They might then require extensive medical intervention and supervision for years to minimize the impact that that injury has on their long-term development.

A seemingly mild injury to a child’s face could also be more of a concern than a similar inner injury on an adult. As children continue growing, minor childhood scars can become larger and more pronounced. What could be a momentary blemish for an adult could become a disfiguring scar for a child.

Proper care typically comes from pediatric specialists. These doctors undergo special training to offer the best treatment and care possible for children. They also often command premium rates for their services due to their specialization.

Parents may take leave

There is a secondary reason why a child’s injuries could prove quite expensive for a family. One of the parents in the family might feel the need to take a leave of absence from work to care for the children during the recovery. That can have major implications on the family’s finances. Those helping their children recover from car crash injuries might need compensation to cover the expenses the collision caused.

For all of these reasons and more, reviewing insurance coverage and exploring the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit can help families cover the higher expenses associated with a child’s injuries after a car crash.